Live-stream classes

Here's our weekly zoom class schedule

The email with the Zoom meeting info goes out 30 minutes before class starts. All classes open approximately 5 minutes before class starts, so we can check in and greet each other. Teachers cannot  reply to emails and texts right before class because they're setting up your love-stream. 

Tuesday 10/27

Dari's 9 am Love-Stream All Levels Vinyasa 

Rondy's 6pm Love-Stream Stretch Strength Flow

Dari's 7:30 pm Love-Stream Vinyasa

Wednesday 10/28

Rondy's Wednesday 9:30 am Love-Stream Stretch Strength Flow

Jim's Wednesday 4:30 pm Love-Stream Iyengar 

Thursday 10/29

Dari's Thursday 9:30 am Love-Stream All Levels Vinyasa

Laxman's Thursday 6pm Love-Stream Restorative Yoga cancelled

Dari's Thursday 7:30 pm Love-Stream ROCKasana

Friday 10/30

Dari's Friday 9:30 am Love-Stream Vinyasa 1-3

Laxman's Friday 6:30pm Love-Stream Restorative Yoga

Saturday 10/31

Dari's Saturday 9am Love-Stream Vinyasa 1-3

Ashlei's Saturday NOON Love-Stream Gentle Yoga 

Sunday 11/1

Laxman's Sunday 8am Love-Stream Meditation

Laxman's Sunday 9am Love-Stream Hatha Flow

Rondy's 4:30pm Love-Stream Stretch Strength Flow

Monday 11/2

Laxman's Monday 9:30 am Love-Stream Hatha Flow 

High Noon with Dari 12:00pm Love-Stream All-Levels 

Dana's 6pm Love-Stream Alignment of Vinyasa 

These lists are sign-in sheets so that we can invite you to the live-stream, payment choices below. Please add your name and emails to lists above, even if you're signing in via MBO, to make sure you get link. If we don't have your email, we cannot send you a link.

click here for Paypal ($10 — $25, yogi's choice)

venmo @Dari-Sylvia
Please be patient with us as we work out the logistics.

 These doors may be shut, but our hearts are open! The live streams will open about 5 minutes before class so we can all say hello to each other. 
Text Dari at 510-207-2594 if you have any questions.