Loka Closed for Easter!

Loka Yoga will be 
Sunday, April 20th
 for Easter!


An Open Letter From Alice Joanou


Dear Dear Loka Yoga Community,
After much careful deliberation, I have decided to pass the directorship of Loka Yoga on to Dari Love Sylvia in August of 2014.  Dari has been my long-time student and a devoted teacher at Loka for the 7 years of the studio's existence. She will bring a wonderful new energy to your yoga community and practice and I have every confidence in her ability to keep Loka vital. I know she will continue to keep it the very special and unique place that it has come to be.
It is critical as a teacher to also remain a student and to continue expanding and growing in the practice.  To that end I have purchased a building in the Dimond District that will house a more traditional yoga shala, or school of yoga. The new space called Vati can accommodate 12 students at a time, and I am intending on having applications for Vati students available in July. There will be a four month commitment where students agree to come twice a week. In this way I will continue teaching yoga and honor what I know I must do to grow as both teacher and student.
Change can be difficult. Change is also thrilling and brings about unexpected joys. Please support both Dari and me in this wonderful transition of instruction from loving hand to loving hand. And above all, I extend heartfelt gratitude to the Loka community for all that we have shared together over the years.