Private Classes discounted for the month of December - get ready for 2024

Looking for the perfect way to show love to yourself or someone else? Private classes are a perfect gift, whether one is new to yoga or wants personalized alignment modifications and are now 20% off when purchased in the month of December!*

Schedule a private class with Dari for yourself, or with a few friends! Yoga, meditation, and Yoga Nidra sessions can also be arranged for holiday events and corporate groups. Use the bookable calendar below or text 510-207-2594 to arrange another time.

Private Classes 

one class $120 zoom now $96 / $160 in-person in Oakland now $128*

5 classes $600 zoom now $480 / $800 in person in Oakland now $640*

*Private classes purchased in December are 20% off, and can be used until July 1st 2024! 

Use code Private20 at checkout

Corporate Events

$350+ depending on event and group size


Calm the Nervous System class - Thursdays 9:30 PST

This class settles your sympathetic nervous system, allowing you to flow from a place of calm and safety. You will be be physically and mentally renewed!

In our world, our sympathetic nervous system are incessantly on high alert, overriding our ability to return to a peaceful state. Long term, this stress on your nervous system not only robs you of being happy and present, but often leads to serious health issues.* Your sympathetic nervous system will take the lead for as long as necessary to get you through danger, but past traumas and constant stimulation don't allow our bodies to ever fully relax.  This class allows your parasympathetic nervous system to return to balance and calm, allowing space for the joy and creativity you deserve.

In this class, we focus on our breath, intention, calming all the reflexive muscles that are part of the fight or flight system, mental perspective, physical and emotional safety, and appropriate-for-the-individual alignment. Your neck, shoulders, and hips will get lots of attention. You will find peace and calm during class, feeling both lighter and grounded post-class. Every class ends with a guided meditation and significant shavasana, or rest period. 

Please let Dari know of any injuries, stiff / problem areas and specific concerns. Your personal experience is everything and it is essential that you can drop down into your body and be comfortable!

Chill Out Thursdays 


Your Dream Life!

Let me guide you in your personal growth. You will find-

~ A sense of joy and fulfillment

~ Health and ease in your body

~ A calm mind 

~ Harmonious relationships 

~ Focused attention

~ Strong, trustworthy intuition

~ Clarity of Purpose

~ Your powerful voice

~ Creativity

~ Love, connection, and belonging

~ True self-worth

I am currently offering personal yoga, mindset, and holistic health coaching to clear the obstacles between you and your dream life. 

Curious? Text me at 510-207-2594 or dariloveyoga@gmail.com to set up a discovery call.


All Classes

Livestream Classes - Please reserve below

Tuesdays 7:30pm Mindful Yoga Flow all levels

Thursday 9:30 am Nervous System Reset all levels

Thursdays 7:30pm Mindful Yoga Flow levels 1-3

Fridays 9-10:15 Fun Yoga Flow levels 1-3

Saturdays 9:30-11am Energetic Mindful Flow levels 1-3

In Person Classes - Please reserve w/ Mountain Yoga 

Tuesdays & Fridays 11:30 am Gentle Yoga 

Oakland Yoga Studio 4 Yosemite Ave in Oakland

Sundays 11am Mindful Flow

Bliss 4268 Broadway, Oakland