Now we can enjoy Gentle Yoga together on Piedmont twice a week, Tuesdays and now Fridays!

Last night, someone commented that our class was like "a chiropractic visit, a massage, and a yoga class all rolled into one. I feel amazing!"

Don't deny yourself any longer, you deserve to feel amazing. 

Be receptive to giving your body what it knows it needs. Gentle Yoga class is a mild yoga practice incorporating mostly reclined and seated poses. Props are always used for support and to assist with balance, the floor itself is our main prop. A wonderful option for beginning students, people recovering from illness or surgery, or working with physical or emotional disabilities AND advanced students ready for more comfort and ease in their bodies. We will do a little strengthening, too! It's not 100% easy-peasy, you will leave class feeling both amazing and well-prepared for whatever life brings to you next. 

I love you all so very much!



New Classes

 Current Online Live Classes 

Tuesdays 7:30pm* Mindful Vinyasa 

Thursday 9:30 am* Mellow Hatha Flow

Thursdays 7:30 pm* Vinyasa Flow 1-3

Fridays 9-10:15* Mindful Hatha Flow

Saturdays 9:30-11am Vinyasa Flow 1-3

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In Person Classes

Tuesdays and Fridays!* 11:30 am Gentle Yoga*

Oakland Yoga Studio 

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Sundays 11am Mountain Yoga Mindful Flow

at Bliss 4268 Broadway, Oakland 

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Live Classes online and NEW IN-PERSON CLASSES!

In Person Classes Please reserve at Mountain Yoga 

Tuesdays and Fridays! 11:30 am Gentle Yoga Oakland Yoga Studio 

Sundays 11am Mindful Flow at Bliss 4268 Broadway, Oakland 


Free Youtube classes that you can do anytime!

We have many classes on youtube, here's a sampling. Click on the link above to see them all. The On-Demand Library is still small, but many, many more yoga classes and shorter tutorials at will be offered soon.

 Here's a class to get you in tip top shape for snowboarding! It's also a great class if you need to stay off your wrists, want to improve balance and have strong powerful legs.