One Class on Thanksgiving Day with Melina Meza at 9:30AM

Slow down and celebrate with your Sangha at Loka.

 Sometimes we rush around so much during holidays that we lose sight of the opportunity 
to enjoy them and make them meaningful. This year, gift yourself the permission to truly see the blessings around you, let it be an authentic day of thanks. The rest of the day might involve taking care of others, please come nourish yourself beforehand.

One Class on Thanksgiving with Melina Meza 9:30-11AM, 
regular class passes accepted or $15 for one class


This one's for you! Gentle Vinyasa with Liz Acord at 11AM on Saturdays!

New Gentle Vinyasa Class with Liz Acord at 11AM on Saturday Mornings

Okay, you asked, we listened. Many of the new teachers are teaching much more challenging classes, and we've been asked for some more beginner paced yoga. So after asking (and asking and asking and asking,) Liz Acord has committed to teaching at Loka again!!!

Liz had been teaching an ongoing Beginner's class last year, and everyone loved it. This "Gentle Vinyasa" is not strictly for Beginners, it's also for Advancing Beginners, people who used to practice but haven't made it to the mat for a while, students recovering from injuries, and regular dedicated practitioners who'd appreciate slowing down. There will be more in-depth alignment instruction than there would normally be in a faster class. 

This new Gentle Vinyasa Class will also be 75 minutes, just like Laxman's Gentle Vinyasa at 6PM on Thursday nights, and it starts this Saturday, September 6th!