Cant get enough Hayley Ebersole? You're in luck! Hayley starts her new Thursday 4:30PM class tonight!

And if you want to feel better in your body, take her Liberated Body Workshop this Sunday, 4/26 12-3PM

Liberated Body is a workshop for anyone who wants to feel better on the day to day by exploring posture and self-bodywork as a pathway to greater well being. Spread the word to those you know who can benefit from a crash course in posture and deep self care. For all fitness levels, yogis and non-yogis alike.

Do you spend significant time at a desk, computer or on the phone? Do you have ongoing, sporadic or occasional discomfort or pain in your body? Are you a yoga student seeking to understand specific application of therapeutic postural alignment? Are you a healer who wants simple tools to share with your clients?

This is a chance to deepen your understanding of your body’s needs and taste test and practice a variety of accessible yet life-altering tools for experiencing greater freedom, vitality, energy and purpose, including: primal movement and primal posture, body rolling, ergonomics, intention, simple strength and stretching to counteract common postural challenges, short daily home yoga practice and more.

Discussion around how to sustainably incorporate these changes will provide you with a personalized daily self-care plan that’s realistic and practical for your lifestyle. This understanding has the power to infuse your work, your relationships, your yoga practice and your physical fitness regime.

Our culture is not set up to support a pain free life. 
Get educated, know your body, know yourself.

About the fabulous Goddess Hayley Ebersole:

Hayley Ebersole is a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher, massage therapist and body nerd who thrives on empowering her students and clients with practical tools. She believes that cultivating awareness and appreciation for the body while learning to inhabit it more happily and easefully is a radical act with the potential to transform our lives, the lives of those around us and our culture at large.  

Change someone's life and spread the word... Bring a friend!
This will be one of the best yoga playdates ever!

Click here to Pre-Register Now! $35 in advance/$40at door if space is available

 Also this weekend with Hayley- 

Farm to Table Yoga at True Grass Farms

  • Wild Soul Yoga 
Calling all yogis, non-yogis, families, foodies, wanna be foodies, health nuts, animal nuts, nature lovers and human beings. Take your yoga and your food outside of the box! Learn about where your food comes from on one of the sweetest farms in Northern California. Be served a stunning, seasonal 4 course meal by a master chef and practice all levels, body lovin' yoga with Hayley.
Imagine being surrounded by the flavors of the kitchen as you reach towards the sky on your mat. From the outdoor yoga flow with Hayley Ebersole, cool fresh air, insider's look into an inspiring farm, multi-course farm to table meal, AND all the great company you could ask for... this is as good as it gets!
Join Wildsoul at one of our favorite farms, True Grass Farms, for an epic yoga feast. Foodies, yogis, and friends will come together for a beautiful day that will fill you up!
Check out photos from past events here


See  wild-soul.com to sign up now while space is still available!


Expand and Invigorate Your Practice

Announcing Yoga Immersions with Melina Meza at Loka
this Spring and Summer

Each unique Yoga Immersion with Melina will help you refine and strengthen your practice of yoga (including asana, pranayama, meditation, and sutras) within the blossoming sangha (community) at Loka Yoga Studio. Together we will dive into heart of yoga and take your practice to the next level. 

Please register now, these immersions do have a minimum number of 10 students per immersion for classes to take place! Sign up online or by check in person at Loka.

*1 (4-week kickstarter series = needs 10 students registered by 5/19 for class to happen)
*2 (3-week kickstarter series = needs 10 students registered by 6/16 for class to happen)
*3 (4-week kickstaarter series = needs 10 students registered by 5/20 for class to happen)
*4 (3-week kickstarter series = needs 10 students registered by 6/17 for class to happen)