An offer for you and your person!!!

In the spirit of Love, Loka has an offering for you and your BFF! Or your mom, or anyone else you want to see on the mat. For the next 48 hours only, you can buy the Besties Unlimited Love Pass, where you both get unlimited yoga for $200/month total! And you can keep this love contract going for up to 12 months! 

all normal small print contract stuff is applicable, but of course we'll let you out of it if one of you decides yoga, or even doing yoga with the other person, is a Bad Idea.

your BFF's at Loka


New Years Day with your Loka Family

We can't wait to see you all tomorrow morning!

Start the year as you intend to go on, 
committed to yourself and your practice.

Rondy Isaac will be leading us for the one and only 
New Year's Day class at 11am tomorrow, please join us.


You have friends who've never been through these doors?
How is that even possible?

We love you, and we imagine we'll also love your friends. Let's grow our community, we need to see more of you,
 and we want to meet your good friends and your neighbors. Now is the time to grow our sweet sangha. We are now offering your loved ones a "Welcome Home to Loka" package where they can come join our party/revolution, meet all of us, sample all of our classes, get physically and mentally stronger, and get some much needed serenity.

The unlimited pass is good for 30 days 
after the date they make the purchase.

And, of course, we still offer 3 classes for $30 for 
new students looking for less of a commitment.  

Yoga Class Pricing 
Classes paid for in person by cash or check will be discounted $2 a class.

online/atm/cc                discounted cash/check
one class - $20                  one class - $18
5 classes - $95                  5 classes - $85
10 classes - $170              10 classes - $160 
20 classes - $320              20 classes - $280 

  MONTHLY UNLIMITED Classes - $122/month