New Classes coming your way this week!

Yes! We are open on Labor Day, Monday Sept 1st, morning class is at 9:30AM.

Kati Knox is back and aiming to help you Greet the Morning with her 7 to 8:15AM class every Tuesday and Thursday, starting this week!
Welcome home, Kati!

Next new class this week is with Annabelle Teleki, starting at 7:30 PM on Wednesday nights. Annabelle’s Vinyasa and Deep Flow classes incorporate the traditions of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vini Yoga -- expect to move with synchronized breath from one pose to another, finding depth and mindfulness in the transitions and spaces in between.

Welcome Annabelle!

And then, starting this Saturday at 4:30 PM, Khristine Jones will be bringing us her donation-based Yoga Punx class! Khristine is an Ashtangi, so be prepared to work hard.

This will be a crazy and exciting week for Loka with these three lovely new teachers. And if you haven't already, make sure to check out Melina Meza, Laxman Panthi, Erin Wimert, and Elyse Hochstadt, the superstars we added in August. And if going broke from spending every free moment and dollar on yoga is a concern, please ask about work trade opportunities. Changing Loka from having 9 public classes a week to what will be 24 by the end of September has tremendously increased our need for desk help and light cleaning. 

I know it might seem odd that I keep saying "we" and "us" when technically Loka is a sole proprietorship, but I would be lost without all the help I've gotten from the Loka community. This includes, but is of course not limited to, Liz A., Liz DJ, Carrie, Angie D., Amber & Angie W., Anita, Kat, Lesley & Maxwell, Lindsay, Srutih, Carol, Jen and everyone else who regularly rolls out a mat at Loka. I also must thank my absurdly patient and generous husband Scott, and Kimberly and Mae over at Namaste who've been more than helpful and accommodating. Most importantly, deepest gratitude and immeasurable thanks to Alice for trusting me to carry on with and take care of Loka. If this past month has been an indicator, I'm pretty sure "we" won't blow it! Thanks everyone.