Two new teachers want you to be their guest this week!

We have two lovely new teachers coming on board in November that are both offering their classes to you a week early, and want you to be their guest. The first one is Happy Hour Decompression yoga today at 4:30 and is offered by Marina van Stirum.

What is Decompression yoga?
 This class is about unwinding our bodies and our brains from all the stimulation in the outside world. The 75 minute practice will be a reminder to take care of ourselves by slowing down and paying attention. It offers the relaxing experience of long restorative poses with lots of delicious props and blankets, and uses gentle techniques done on the floor to mobilize joints and reduce fatigue in the body. We will be nourishing the parasympathetic nervous system through releasing holding patterns in the body through breathwork and observing the movement of blood and energy in our bodies. We will develop a deep inner listening in order to heighten our proprioceptive awareness. Join us if you’re looking for a meditative experience that will leave you feeling revitalized and realigned.

About Marina

Marina has always been intrigued by how the body moves and functions. Growing up practicing ballet and modern dance, she loves experiencing the grace and fluidity that comes from movement. Her yoga journey began during a four-month period in Varanasi India back in 2004. Since then, she has explored various modalities but studies primarily under the tutelage of Tias Little in Santa Fe New Mexico. Marina connects deeply with his integration of yoga asana, anatomy, meditation and study of self-inquiry. Tias’ training gave her a comprehensive understanding of yoga’s dynamic tradition. She strives to incorporate various lineages into her teaching practice, from the Iyengar system’s focus on internal alignment to the sequential aspect of the Ashtanga system. Her dedication to the art of yoga is also strongly informed by her personal experience recovering from trauma, as well as her extensive practice of massage therapy. Marina looks forward to sharing her knowledge and her passion with her local community in Oakland.

Our other new teacher is the lovely Anna Parker and she's offering her new Thurday morning 9:30AM Vinyasa 1-3 class this Thursday, also as a gift to the Loka community.

Meet Anna:

I grew up in North Carolina, but currently swim, run, and practice yoga in California. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Betta Kappa from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a double major in Psychology and Spanish, plus an English minor. Shortly after, I made my way to California to volunteer for a year with AmeriCorps at a refugee agency in Fresno. In California, I also happened to discover yoga.

Hypermobility runs in both sides of my family. Flexibility may be fun and useful to a point, but comes with its own unique set of problems. By nature I lack strength, balance, and proprioception. My yoga practice has done wonders for these issues, though it has taken tons of work. Despite a steep and injury-ridden learning curve, yoga has gradually healed the joint pain that I first experienced while playing high school soccer, and the debilitating back pain that began during my college years. These days I’m usually pain free and feeling great. 
Yoga quotes I love:
Do your practice, all is coming. – Pattabhi Jois
Good alignment is both preventative and curative. – Lisa Walford
Yoga is skill in action. – The Bhagavad Gita


Kirtan with Gregg Filler and Sangha Taranga on Saturday November 8th 7:30PM

Kirtan is a beautiful form of group worship of the divine, where we sing traditional Indian names of God to simple melodies.  This communal repetition of these powerful names of God draws us naturally to the Divine state within ourselves.

“Sangha Taranga” can be translated as ” the vibrations” or “waves” that the “community creates together. Gregg Filler’sintention for all Sangha Taranga events is to experience thiscollective Divine vibration through our chanting of kirtan.

Living in Berkeley, California, Gregg has led kirtan for 19 years. His music is infused with divine power and love, drawing from the grace and his longtime practice of an authentic Indian spiritual path. Gregg has written dozens of original chants, which he delivers with a lyrical voice and refined harmonium touch. His chants, influenced by classical Indian ragas (melodic scales), evoke a wide range of inner states: joyful, sweet, haunting, yearning.

Suggested  Donation $15