The Neck and Shoulders Fall Immersion with Laxman Panthi and Dari Sylvia

Loka Yoga presents:

The neck and shoulder regions are among the most challenging problem areas of our bodies. 
When we live with misaligned cervical vertibrae and discs, we tense our muscles throughout our daily movements and in our yoga poses in order to relieve and prevent additional pain. Unfortunately, this well meaning strategy can result in further long term imbalance. 
These hands-on workshops will help you create more space and freedom of movement in your neck and shoulders, while easing away and releasing long held tension pain.

Sunday 10/23/2016 1-4pm

These healing workshops will include:
resting the head and neck in restorative poses, modified asana (yoga poses,) 
using physical tools for self-massage and gentle hands on massage.

Pre-registration is now open. Space is very limited due to the hands on nature of this immersion, so please click links below to sign up now!


New Tuesday Night Class Time starts this week! 7PM - 8:30PM with Alek Trail

New Tuesday Night Class Time starts this week!
7PM - 8:30PM with Alek Trail

We are condensing the awesomeness of Tuesday night into one class starting this week, 3/29/16 

About Alek:
Alek came to yoga in her late teens, and since then has been exploring and  experimenting with the physical and mental practice as a way to stay curious, humbled, and  connected. With a background in modern dance and improvisational movement, yoga has  provided her different perspectives to approach and refine the subtle body and mind. 
With her teaching philosophy rooted in authenticity, kinesthetic awareness, and question- asking and answering, her  intention is for her students to walk out of her classes feeling as though they have deeper sense of their inner-landscape with which they can dive deeper  intellectually, spiritually, and physically. She strives to facilitate an experience for the  practitioner to become more familiar with the subtle body- allowing them to hone  awareness, drop in, and gain more mindful insight into their own unique personal practice.