Yoga Classes

Have you had your Covid-19 Vaccinations? AWESOME! Please print out and bring the new Loka Waiver and show us your CDC card, or a photo of it, on your first visit only. 

If there is no calendar below, try clicking  https://withribbon.com/u/loka-yoga-

OUR CLASS CALENDAR IS HOSTED ON A SITE CALLED WITHRIBBON, AND IT IS NOT CURRENTLY LOADING ON ALL BROWSERS ON ALL LAPTOPS. If you don't see classes below, or the links don't go anywhere, please check us on out your phone. The nice people at Ribbon are working on this and hopefully they'll fix it soon! Text 510-207-2594 if you need to reserve a class spot and it's just not working. Sorry for the hassle!


We have many classes on our youtube channel that you can do anytime!

We have many classes on youtube, here's a sampling. Click on the link above to see them all. We will be offering packages to our On-Demand Library so that you can view many, many more yoga classes and shorter tutorials at your convenience very soon.

 Here's a class to get you in tip top shape for snowboarding! It's also a great class if you need to stay off your wrists, want to improve balance and have strong powerful legs.