Live-stream classes

Have you had your Covid-19 Vaccinations? If so, and you'd like to be invited to some small private yoga classes coming up in the near future, your name and information needs to be on this list. These classes will not take the place of our regularly scheduled zoom classes. Classes will be of limited size and spots will ONLY be given to students who have 1) shown their CDC Vaccination cards, 2) have received BOTH doses of their Covid-19 Vaccinations at least two weeks prior to entering the building, 3) have pre-arranged permission to come to a certain class OR have received an invitation to participate in a private class, and 4) have printed out and signed the new Loka Waiver.

Emails with Zoom meeting info goes out 15-20 minutes before classes start, unless the sign-in sheet has the zoom info already listed. All classes open approximately 5 minutes before class starts, so you can check in and greet each other.  

Tuesday 4/20

Dari's 9:30 am Love-Stream All Levels Vinyasa 

Rondy's 6 pm Love-Stream Stretch Strength Flow

Dari's 7:30 pm Love-Stream Vinyasa

Wednesday 4/21

Dari's Wednesday 10am IN-STUDIO class*

Rondy's Wednesday 9:30 am Love-Stream Stretch Strength Flow

Dari's Wednesday 6:30 pm IN-STUDIO class*

Jim's Wednesday 4:30 pm Love-Stream Iyengar 

Thursday 4/22

Dari's Thursday 9:30am Love-Stream All Levels Vinyasa

Laxman's Thursday 6pm Restorative IN-STUDIO class*

Dari's Thursday 7:30pm Love-Stream ROCKasana

Friday 4/23

Dari's Friday 9:30 am Love-Stream Vinyasa 1-3

Laxman's Friday 6:30pm Love-Stream Restorative Yoga

*these in-person classes are for double vaccinated students. If you qualify and want to come to these classes, make sure you're on the above list! And yes, you will be wearing a mask

These lists are sign-in sheets so that we can invite you to the live-stream, payment choices below. 
Please add your name and emails to the class lists above to insure that you get a class link and the teacher knows to expect you.


click here for Paypal ($10 — $25, yogi's choice)
venmo @Dari-Sylvia

Here's a class to get you in tip top shape for snowboarding! It's also a great class if you need to stay off your wrists, want to improve balance and have strong powerful legs.


Please be patient with us as we work out the logistics.

 These doors may be shut, but our hearts are open! The live streams will open about 5 minutes before class so we can all say hello to each other. 
Text Dari at 510-207-2594 if you have any questions.