Private Back to Yoga Breakthrough Coaching Online


Hello friend! - Do any of the following obstacles describe your current situation?

You used to have a strong practice, but haven't practiced for years?

Your practiced was sidelined by an injury?

Your practice was sidelined by family obligations?

Your practice was sideline by Covid?

Your practice was sidelined by work and life?

You have mixed feelings about practicing again?

You have guilt and shame around this?

Your body isn't what it used to be?

You have an all or nothing feeling about all of this and feel like you'll never get back to where you were, so why bother?

You mean to practice again, but are procrastinating, and this is causing even more shame?

You are a closet perfectionist?


You stopped practicing because a teacher or studio or tradition disappointed you, or closed, or there was a public scandal in your yoga tradition, or you just felt disillusioned and quit practicing?

Are you unnecessarily attached to how you used to practice? 

Do you know that how you used to practice would not serve your current body, heart, and lifestyle?

Does the thought of stepping into a public class cause you anxiety?

My private coaching has been designed for you! 

We will spend considerable time working through the blocks and impediments to you starting a yoga practice and enjoying it.

We will move through the blocks, shame, and fear you have around practicing again, and design a gentle program to strengthen your heart, spirit, and body.

We will renew your mindset, breakthrough all emotional and physical obstacles to practicing yoga, letting go of the past. Stop worrying about what you used to do, let's move forward together and start fresh. 

Your private coaching with me will start with delving into the obstacles/ shame/ whatever is holding you back BEFORE anyone steps foot on a mat. This will be done through telephone calls or zoom calls, whichever you prefer. I want you to step onto the mat with nothing but clarity! When you are ready, we will build slowly, in the safety of your own home. I want to be here for you 100% of the way and take you past wherever it is you hope to go. You don't need to "dare to dream" at this point, I am doing the dreaming for you!

If you are curious about my program, text your name and "Yoga Breakthrough" to 510-207-2594 and we will set up a time that works for a telephone or zoom call discussing your personal story. 

I can design a program that will work for you, with a fresh perspective. 

There is no obligation, the call is free.