New to Loka? Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Loka!

Thanks so much for joining the amazing community we call Loka Yoga. Not everyone shows up as a serious yoga student. This community has plenty of lifelong committed yogis and yogis, but most started out as people who maybe liked yoga a little bit, or were just yoga curious, or got dragged there by a friend, and then stuck around. Most people fall in love with yoga, their newfound peace of mind, their stronger and healthier bodies, and the possibility of continually challenging themselves.  That being said,  I’ve always suspected some folks have just made friends and tolerate the yoga in order to see these friends. Loka is different than any yoga community I’ve ever been part of, it often seems like more of a lively party before the more serious business of the yoga instruction begins. Whatever or whomever has brought you here, welcome!

Don’t worry about being bombarded by newsletters and emails because you are now on our list. We rarely send more than 2 a month, and we only send the information that we feel you can actually use, like workshop info, new teachers, and class schedule changes.

Loka was opened by Bay Area’s beloved teacher Alice Joanou in 2007, and I have taught there since the beginning, as Alice was actually my first teacher when I discovered yoga in the 90’s. After experimenting with smaller seasonal classes with a set number of committed students at Loka, Alice decided that opening a smaller more contemplative and traditional shala was the next and most natural evolution for her as a teacher. At Vati, students practice a set sequence of self-paced postures, with Alice observing and assisting instead of “leading” class. While Vati was being conceived and born, she and I began talks regarding my taking over the helm at Loka. As her most senior and long-term student, it was a natural transition. I was already fully committed to Loka’s future as the community was thriving and I was eager to offer expanded programming and special events. My personal main teachers are now Rod Stryker and Dharma Mittra, although I am a mom and cannot travel far to visit with my beloved teachers. For me, getting to San Francisco to drop in on a class with Stephanie Snyder at Love Story is a very special treat.

I’ve been officially running Loka since August 2014 and it’s grown and changed in many positive ways. It’s been a crazy and challenging time for me, I’m so blessed that consistent and loyal students have been so patient with me. I expanded the number of classes 3 times over and added about 10 amazing teachers before I had a clue regarding running a successful business. I have been informed that “hope is not a strategy,” but I also know that “without love in a dream, it will never come true.” There’s a ton of love at Loka, and now that you’re finally here, the real party can start!
If you have interest in doing some Karma Yoga (otherwise known as work trade), do let us know. Loka would’ve gone down in flames if it weren’t for all the great yogis who pitch in on the regular. Classes at Loka cost significantly less than most Bay Area classes, and we pay the teachers a little bit more per student, so we don’t have regular paid desk/web/marketing/bookkeeping/admin/cleaning staff. If you want to pitch in but cannot commit to a regular schedule, there are plenty of other Karma Yoga spots, just ask. There is plenty to do around here!

Thank you for checking out Loka. Every teacher at Loka is exceptional, each one has very unique and special offerings, do yourself a favor and check them all out. Please know that I very much appreciate your business, your time, and your company. If you have any questions, you can ask me or any of our lovely deskies in person, or email us at If it's urgent or your email goes unread/unanswered, you can text me at 510-207-2594. A "squeaky wheel gets the grease approach" with me has been known to get best results.

Yours in Love,

Dari Love Sylvia
Curator of Fine Yoga &
Loka's Programming Director