Class Descriptions

Descriptions of Classes at Loka Yoga

Loka Yoga offers classes in the vinyasa krama tradition. This is a form of yoga that marries breath and movement. The primary importance in the practice is coming into an awareness of your breath/prana through movement. The philosophy that you must "start where you are" is implemented at all times. All teachers at the studio have experience and are trained in this method.

Introduction to Yoga
This is an on-going class open to all. No pre-registration is required nor is any prior knowledge of yoga. Even if you just heard the word YOGA yesterday and want to try it out, this is the class for you. Though it is an introductory class, it is still challenging and hard enough to keep you interested, but gentle enough so that you won't cry. It is our philosophy that yoga is learned by doing and so we urge you to jump right in and find the joy. Many people attend this class for several years before advancing to the next level.
Intermediate Level (Level 1-3)
This class is general class for most levels beyond beginners. It offers more variety for those in the class who wish to try something a little more challenging than an Intro class. Variations are offered all along the way so most levels will feel comfortable and accommodated to suit their needs.

Intermediate/Advanced Level **
This class is for more seasoned practitioners. The sequences typically move at a faster pace and may include arm balances, inversions and back bends. Often times kriya (cleansing practices and bhandas will be explored. This class is not suitable for people new to yoga.

Detox Flow
This challenging class focuses on how to use asana to cultivate a feeling of core strength and healing. Using the power of the heat generated, the detox flow class leads you to a deeper awareness of self and others.

Alignment Through Asana
For those who wish to have a greater understanding of kinetics and anatomy in their asana practice. The class helps practitioners focus with a greater sensitivity on of how the body works in relationship to traditional postures and breathing. 

Relax and Renew
A lovely restorative practice to feed body and soul in preparation for the week ahead. It is a rare treat to be in postures for long holds in order to gain the true depth and healing each sequence may offer. Deeply recommended for people in recovery and or struggling with chronic conditions.