Monday 9 — 10:30 am
Thursday 7:30-9 pm
Saturday 9 — 10:30 am

Dari Love Sylvia teaches energizing and playful Vinyasa Flow classes in Oakland and the greater East Bay. Every student in the room, from complete beginner to more advanced practioner, can find a challenge in Dari's class. Individual needs are recognized and honored, with special emphasis on detoxification, strength, self-knowledge, prayer, and intention setting. "We can all achieve freedom and power through honoring our own inner-guru. Intuition is a skill, not a gift, and yoga is the path to connect with that source of truth, joy, and inspiration." Dari has trained with Alice Joanou, Dharma Mittra, Stephanie Snyder, Shiva Rae, Jane Austin, and her current primary teacher Rod Stryker. Her teaching style has also been profoundly influenced by the work and insights of Ana Forrest, Tias Little, and Seane Corn. Adjustments and guidance are aided by her past experience as both a massage therapist and holistic health counselor. Pregnant women are encouraged to attend all classes as long as you are willing to listen and modify certain poses and eliminate core work for the time being. Dari has taught both prenatal and postnatal classes and practiced herself through two pregnancies. Her children are her most challenging, beloved, and enlightened teachers. Dari is also a giant dork and her jokes are terrible. If you are an extremely serious person, or dislike music during yoga, or hate black licorice and coffee and The Walking Dead, she might not be the teacher for you. 

Bethany Hobbs

Sundays 5—6 pm Restorative
Saturdays 11-12:30 Beginners/Advancing Beginners
Seasonal Workshops

Bethany's yogic journey has been one of massive transformation and healing.  Her intention as an instructor and healer is to hold sacred space for others to explore their own relationship to ritual, breath, and freedom. 
She has been fortunate to have been taken under the wings of several soulful, wise teachers and programs over the last 12 years. Alice Joanou is her primary mentor.
Bethany is currently engaged in in-depth Tarot card studies and aspires to be a sorceress and a mother one day.

Dana Lawton

Mondays 6—7:30 pm
Alignment through Asana
Practicing yoga since 1990, Dana has studied Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar and now trains with Alice Joanou. Bringing her extensive investigation of the body through her dance training, multiple anatomy courses and various somatic studies, Dana is excited to share her knowledge with students studying asana. Dana has been a guest teacher at yoga retreats Pura Vida (Costa Rica), Villa Sumaya (Guatemala), Mount Madonna Center (CA), and is the official yoga instructor for the American College Dance Festival Association in Washington DC. A tenured Professor of Dance at Saint Mary's College, Dana also teaches dance at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley and is co-director of the Enchanted Ridge Dance Retreat in Cohasset, Ca.