Psoas Series Presale starts now!

I am in currently in creation phase, reading, writing, studying, practicing, meditating and visualizing.

Taking part in the Pre-sale allows you to be a co-creator of this course. I will be engaging in discovery calls to find exactly what physical challenges I can solve for each one of you personally!

I’d also love to hear any thoughts you might have, and to collect as many questions as possible NOW, so we can do a Q&A and make sure all of your concerns and needs are addressed.

Pre-sale Pricing $222

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The Psoas is associated with all kinds of discomforts and inconveniences, such as groin pain, low back pain and spasms, radiating pain down the leg, sciatica, difficulty “opening the hips”, “snapping hip syndrome,” lumbar disc problems, and a general restricted range-of-motion. All of this can lead to overall compromised energy and endurance. I am designing this program to not only open hips and release the psoas, but also to let go of unconscious fears and holding patterns that present as physical tension. The psoas is not just a hip flexor or a muscle we need to release, it is energetically tied to our 3 lower chakras. The Psoas course carries over 3 weeks and has 3 separate components.

1) Each week has 2 yoga classes from which to choose, one easier one for beginners and one for more advanced students. (6 classes total) 2) Each week has a gentle somatic movement practice where we release the psoas through pandiculation (3 classes) 3) The final component is led meditations and restful Yoga Nidra specific to the three lower chakras, with optional writing and journaling.

We will also check in live on zoom as a group every week.

The 6 yoga classes and 3 somatic movement classes, plus all meditations and Yoga Nidra sessions will be pre recorded so you can do them at your own convenience. It is highly recommended that you complete the course over the three weeks, but the material is your to keep forever and you can revisit it as often as you'd like. This is also helpful if you'd like to start with the three more gentle yoga classes and later progress to the more challenging ones at your own appropriate pace, or dial down your effort at any time.

Early Bird Pricing Jan 15th-23rd $359

Program Begins Feb 12th $497