Psoas and Core Awareness 

In-Depth Healing Program for Body and Chakras

These are not just movement classes, you can also unblock and correct malfunctions of the lower chakras and the corresponding issues of survival, emotions, power, and energy.

Program is designed as a complete and versatile system - all classes are yours forever, this might be all the yoga you'll ever need! 

Heal your Psoas, Stabilize your Core, and Balance your Chakras
Begins 3/19

We generally think of "our Core" muscles as our abdominal muscles, but the psoas runs much deeper and affects all aspects of strength and movement. The Psoas is associated with all kinds of discomforts and inconveniences, such as groin pain, low back pain and spasms, radiating pain down the leg, sciatica, difficulty “opening the hips”, “snapping hip syndrome,” lumbar disc problems, and a general restricted range-of-motion. All of this can lead to overall compromised energy and endurance. This complete program not only open hips and release the psoas, but also helps you let go of unconscious/unspecific fears that cause muscular and alignment holding patterns. These patterns limit our range of movement and prevent us from feeling at ease in our bodies.

The psoas is not just a hip flexor or a muscle we need to release, it is energetically tied to our 3 lower chakras. This program is not just designed to change and heal the body, but also to unblock and correct malfunctions of the lower chakras and corresponding issues of survival, emotions, power, and energy.

The Psoas and Core Awareness Healing Program is given to you over 3 weeks, and has 3 separate components.

1) ACTIVE MOVEMENT - 2 yoga classes from which to choose, one easier one for beginners and one for more advanced students. Sometimes we feel like beginners, sometimes we like a challenge. You pick your level, or do both classes on different days. Each class will focus on the psoas, hips, and low back, plus abdominal strengthening exercises.

2) PASSIVE MOVEMENT - Gentle somatic movement practices, known as both "pandiculation" and "rolling around on the floor." It will feel just like a good stretch after a long cozy nap! We will use slow and conscious rhythmic movements to release chronic muscular tensions and held patterns. These gentle movements retrain postural patterns, creating a natural ease in your body, improving your posture, calming your nervous system, increasing your comfortable range of movement and adding a sense of fluidity.
3) HEART AND MIND - The final component is the four led meditations and two restful Yoga Nidras, specific to the three lower chakras. One meditation integrates all of the chakras, the other three are for healing the lower three chakras individually. You will also be given journaling prompts for each of the lower three chakras to aid in your healing journey and creating the life you want and deserve.

The 6 yoga classes and 3 somatic movement classes, plus all meditations and Yoga Nidra sessions will be pre recorded so you can do them at your own convenience. You can complete the course over the three weeks, but the material is your to keep forever and you can revisit it as often as you'd like, doing the whole series again, or just whatever suits you. This is also helpful if you'd like to start with the three more gentle yoga classes and later progress to the more challenging ones at your own appropriate pace, or dial down your effort at any time.

full program $497

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