Conquering Yoga Obstacles - Personal Breakthrough Coaching

Which obstacles can I clear for you? 

I am currently offering personal yoga coaching for those who can relate to any of the following-

-You used to have a strong practice, but haven't practiced for years

-Your practiced was sidelined by an injury, family obligations, Covid, work, life, or more exciting hobbies

-You have mixed feelings about practicing again

-You are procrastinating because you are a closet perfectionist

-You are overly attached to how you used to practice, because that way was "the right way," and it's all or nothing

-You know that how you used to practice would not serve your current body, heart, and lifestyle

-The thought of stepping into a public class causes you anxiety

Let me design a personal, rewarding, and seasonally appropriate program, just for you. 

We will give considerable attention to get you through these hindrances, moving you towards an appropriate and enjoyable practice. We will release any shame or fear that you might have around practicing again, and design a gentle program to enliven your heart, spirit, and body. Expect to refresh your mindset and let go of the past. Stop worrying about what you used to do, let's move forward together and start with a clear and fresh perspective. 

Your private coaching with me can start with delving into whatever obstacles are holding you back BEFORE you step foot on a mat. I want you to come back to yoga self-judgement free and with full clarity! We will build slowly and appropriately, in-person or on zoom. I am here for you 100% of the way. 

If you are curious about my program, text me at 510-207-2594. We can set up a no-obligation discovery call, via phone or zoom. Let's allow yoga to work for you, instead of the other way around!